HK - Red Dot Cutout Service (No Refinish)

HK - Red Dot Cutout Service (No Refinish)

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This service allows your micro red dot optic to be mounted solidly on the slide with no adapter plates. Common platforms include the VP9/40 and SK versions. Additionally, the P30 and HK45 platforms may accept a red dot if the slide has no cavities (see below). 

The slide will be machined to accept the particular model red dot using the factory supplied screws that come with the optic. If you would like a different screw size or mounting for an optic model not listed then just send a message to

Slide internals should be left installed since some pins require modification.

Some versions of P30, P30L, and HK45/45c can accept red dot cutouts and some cannot. If you look at the underside of the slide in the rear there may be a large cavity running next to the firing pin. This cavity interferes with the red dot screw holes and prevents mounting using traditional methods.

Contact us prior to ordering this service for any P30 or HK45 platform.

No slide refinish is included with this service. For cutout service with slide refinish, click HERE.

Cover plates are available for these model pistols by clicking HERE.