Current turnaround time varies by work with 8-12 weeks on typical orders........Thanks for your patience.................................................... Memorial Day Sale is on, now through June 1, 2019 use code "MEMORIAL15" for 15% off services.

Turnaround Time

I literally get emails all the time asking when their stuff will be done. If I get 10 emails asking this in a day then it takes an hour just to look up all the orders and reply....then everyone complains when stuff gets delayed.

So here it is. Look on the top header of the website and see what it says. Today it says 8-12 weeks. This means most orders are being completed and shipping about that long after the date they are ordered. Sometimes everyone orders simple stuff and the shop flows smoothly and you might get it sooner. Sometimes everyone has complex orders or stuff just doesn't cooperate and it might be 13, 14 weeks or longer. 

I can't be very accurate with turnaround. I try to be fair and not let simpler orders sit too long, but sometimes other orders just need to get done. Noteable exceptions include refinish only or small orders like a set of cocking serrations and refinish alone, or a simple top port cut. These type of orders are completed in 3-6 weeks.

If your order is not at least as old as the posted turnaround time then don't email asking when it'll be done. You'll just sound like a kid in the back seat asking "are we there yet". You'll just end up getting a reply with a link to this page and a rough estimate that if I end up missing, then you'll just be upset with me even though you'll love the finished work and think it was worth it in the long run.

Be patient, good stuff don't come quickly or cheap, that's what China is for.