Cancellation/ Refunds

All cancellation/return/refund requests must be approved by contacting:


Slide Milling Services

No cancellations after 48hrs of ordering. Refunds will ONLY be issued as store credit after 48hrs of ordering. If you are going to change your mind then don't order until you are committed. Request for cancellation will be subject to the following refund schedule.

Refund Schedule (issued as store credit only):

- After 5 calendar days - 10% cancellation  fee 
- After 15 calendar days - 25% cancellation fee
- After 30 calendar days - 50% cancellation fee
- After 45 calendar days - 75% cancellation fee.
- After 60 calendar days - No refunds.
Optic Adapter Plates
Adapter plates are custom made-to-order each week. No cancellations beginning 48 hours after placing an order. Restocking fee of $25 for all returns in original condition.
Cover Plates
Cover plates are custom cut to order and not refundable or returnable unless damaged or incorrect. 
Tangible Products
Optics, sights, adapters, etc. may not be returned unless they are in unused, factory new condition. Once installed/opened, they cannot be returned.


*Some services may already have been rendered at the time of your request, including but not limited to cleaning, disassembly, reassembly, FFL documentation, custom tooling costs, custom finish requests, engravings, and return shipping. Services already rendered at time of request (you request return after your slide has already been disassembled) will be billed at standard shop rate of $50/hr. All items will be returned to the condition they were received prior to return. 

Shipping charges are non-refundable once an order ships.

Any request for return/refund of completed orders must be made within 48 hours of receipt of package.