Placing an Order/Shipping

Once an order has been placed on the website you need to print out the order confirmation email or include a note detailing the work to be performed (reference the order #). If there are any special requests that have been agreed upon then be sure to note these. Examples include (optic model, desired refinish color(s), etc.) Note box located at the bottom of the shopping cart page. 


To prepare for shipping, you may strip slides/frames as much as you feel comfortable doing so and the rest will be handled in house at no charge. (slide internals on all models except Glocks should be left installed if a red dot cutout is being performed). Once completed, all parts will be reassembled.

*In some cases iron sights are very tight and can be extremely difficult to remove. We are not responsible for broken front sight posts. To avoid this it is advisable for you to remove the sights yourself.

If you would like your iron sights changed out, the new ones can be included and they will be swapped for no charge.


SAS Tactical Customs LLC

202 Farmington St 

Farmington,  KY 42040


You can opt to hold shipping your slide in until closer to expected turnaround time to reduce out of hand time. This is optional for those wishing to get on the schedule, but not be without a functioning firearm for very long. If you do this, it's best to check posted turnaround time and send no later than 2 weeks before expected time. (If turnaround is 12 weeks, then ship no later than 10 weeks after placing the order).


By default most packages only carry $50 of insurance. SAS Tactical Customs LLC is not responsible for loss or damage that occurs by the shipping carrier. If you would like additional insurance then be sure to add it to your cart by clicking here SHIPPING INSURANCE.

Since you are sending in a firearm component for gunsmithing work, you are not required to use an FFL to ship. As an FFL, I can receive any firearm items and will return ship directly to you. There is no required paperwork for gunsmithing services.