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Pistol - Red Dot Cutout Service (Slide Refinish Included)

Pistol - Red Dot Cutout Service (Slide Refinish Included)

SAS Tactical Customs

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This is for the "slide melt" style red dot cutout with Cerakote slide refinish on most pistol platforms including M&P, HK, CZ, XD, Glock, 1911, etc. 

For Sig models please click HERE.

Slide internals should be left installed on all models other than Glock since some parts may require modification.

Although most pistols can be milled to accept a red dot, if you have an odd model or are aware that there may be issues then just contact us prior to get confirmation that you do not require special services. By default the rear dovetail will be retained if possible, however, many slides are not large enough and require that the rear dovetail either be removed or relocated. Relocating a dovetail is a separate service.

(Some pistols such as Glock 42/43, LCP, and 1911s will only accept red dots with small bolt spacing NO Trijicon RMR) 

Colors not shown in thumbnails may be seen by visiting CERAKOTE

Generally any model red dot can be used. Templates are maintained for most of the common manufacturers, but it is still a good idea to include your red dot for installation as each slide is fitted to the optic.