Barrel Porting Service

Barrel Porting Service

SAS Tactical Customs

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This service is for barrel porting in various selectable layouts. The layouts align with top slide ports. Barrel port layout can be adjusted to match other slide porting styles.

You must outline your slide port locations onto your barrel before sending it in. You can also send barrel and slide and we will handle it.

*No slide milling or barrel refinishing is included in this listing.

*You are not buying a barrel.


Port Layout Styles

Top Central - A single line of ports along the top of the barrel. The number of ports will vary based on caliber, slide port size, and other factors. Generally there will be 4-6 ports.

Offset Porting - Two parallel lines of ports offset of centerline. This Porting style avoids blast into the sight line. Typically there will be 6-8 ports total.