Sig P365/P938 SAS Optic Adapter/Mounting Plate

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*Adapters are in high demand and always in production, but may take up to 1-2 weeks to produce and ship depending on current finished inventory at time of order. Backorders are typically fulfilled within 1-2 weeks.



CNC machined from Precision Cast Aluminum Plate manufactured in Germany by Gleich Aluminium.

These adapter plates allow direct mounting of a red dot optic to the P365 SAS or P938 SAS slide with no modification to the slide. The adapter uses the same mounting screw holes locations as the factory SAS sight.

ONLY fits SAS model slides with fiber optic "bullseye" rear sight assembly.

Will not fit P365, P365x, P365xl, or P938.

*Adapters may take up to 1-2 weeks to produce and ship. 

*Cancellation/refund policy

*Although machined to tight tolerances, minor fitting may be required in rare instances. Feel free to contact us prior to attempting any modification to your slide or adapter plate. 

*We are not responsible for loses in shipping, the courier is. Please consider shipping insurance available by clicking here.


Simply remove the factory SAS sight and mount the adapter plate with the included M2.5 screws using the same screw holes. Torque 1-3 in/lb with medium strength threadlocker. No modification to your slide is required.

*The factory screws may be very tight. Recommend a high quality wrench such as Bondhus. You are free to send your slide in for screw removal as they sometimes need drilled out they are so tight.

The red dot will then mount directly to the adapter plate with the included mounting screws. Some optics may mount with the factory supplied screws (RomeoZERO, DeltaPoint Pro, Romeo Pro).

*If using factory screws, be sure they are not too long, or cosmetic damage may occur to your slide.

*Sealing plate required with Trijicon RMR products to achieve water protection rating.



- CNC Machined Aluminum Adapter Plate finished in black. If another color is desired, then note that on the order. You are NOT purchasing a slide or optic.

- Adapter Plate mounting screws

- Proper length optic mounting screws




Cancellation/Refund Policy