ColorShift Cerakote - Full Slide Refinish

ColorShift Cerakote - Full Slide Refinish

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This service is for full refinish of your pistol slide with ColorShift Cerakote. This can be done to most any pistol slide including Glock, M&P, Sig, HK, 1911, and similar semi-auto pistols. 

If you would like only the frame refinished instead, Click Here

If you would like the entire pistol refinished, Click Here

WHAT IS ColorShift

The ColorShift is a special Cerakote mix that still retains all the reliable ratings as the well-known ceramic based Cerakote, but with a twist. The ColorShift allows a new look that can range from a subtle shift between two similar colors, or far more drastic and shift between 3-5 different colors. The color shifts as the ambient light is reflected at different angles. You will also see the color shift across the entire range depending on the type of light source (sunlight, CFC, LED, etc.). Pictures shown are taken with indirect sunlight to show the optimal color shift.


The ColorShift is most prominent when applied over a black base. For a more subtle or gradient effect, the finish can be applied over a white or bare stainless surface to create a ghost pearl effect. The Glock 35 in the photos is finished in both fashions to show the difference. You can see that the recessed areas where finished in black first to allow the full effect of the color shifting, whereas the high areas were left raw stainless so the color shift is a translucent. Contact us to discuss custom refinishes like the ghosting effect.