HK - Full Grip Stippling Service (Wrinkled Texture)

HK - Full Grip Stippling Service (Wrinkled Texture)

SAS Tactical Customs

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This service is for full grip stippling as shown in the pictures. The texture is similar to modern factory textures, but is a little more aggressive to add better grip while still retaining a fairly smooth feel without chaffing your hand as much as more aggressive stippling patterns would.

Grip panels are stippled into the grip for a blended look with no seams so be sure you include the ones you like. The panels can be cut loose and made interchangeable at a later time if desired, or they can be cut and made interchangeable now, but the seams will be visible. Optionally, the extra panels can be stippled too.

Frame Refinish in Cerakote is optional, but if no refinish is chosen there may be small areas with visible scuffs or other marks from the stippling process. These are usually fairly unnoticeable and do not affect performance.