PayPal Cancellations

This section concerns the cancellation of ALL orders paid for via PayPal.

PayPal has proven to be ineffective at protecting our business policies and instead chosen to side with payees in several instances where they were wrong. I have debated removing PayPal as a payment option, but due to high demand for it I have continued to allow it within the following restrictions.

Cancellation of orders that are due a cancellation fee and were initially paid via PayPal will only be honored if suitable substitute payment is received outside PayPal.

This policy has been instituted because several customers have chosen to cancel orders that were subject to a cancellation fee. Upon receiving their items back they chose to open PayPal disputes claiming the item was "received not as described." PayPal has neglected to consider the situation and found in favor of the customer and issued full refunds. It costs me time and money to log orders in/out, to store and protect items in my possession, to order material and tooling, and pay labor. The cancellation fees are meant to address these costs and are due on all cancelled exceptions. 

If you paid via PayPal and want to cancel, you will be required to make an additional payment via PayPal Friends&Family, Credit Card through the website, Cash, Check, or Money Order. Until payment is made your item will be held in confidence. Upon receipt of approved payment your initial PayPal payment will be refunded immediately and your item(s) returned.